1. I have bought and read evroneye of ur books. I love mazael and caina and both series would make great movies or video games or even a tv series. I think ridley scott word do wonders with mazael and co in the demonsouled series. U have helped me through a lot of sleepless nights thankyou and can not wait for more just finished ghost in the stone and what a bloody cliffhanger to leave it on.The endless tower series god i was beyond gutted it ended i want to know more. How ali and lithon rebuild the high kingdoms what becomes of conmager maybe you could do a stand alone novella of 10-30 years later that would do me nicely.Anyway il stop blabbering on but u have a fan in me and if u would like any opinions on anything please dont hesitate to drop me an email Thankyou MM

  2. Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  3. God, I feel like I should be takin notes! Great work

  4. Hi.I love your works. Started reading them on my iPhone a cuploe of weeks ago, finished the Demonsouled, Ghost and Third Soul series’ (and a cuploe of short stories). (I had to buy 1 on Smashwords, got the rest on itunes) Will start the Tower series today or tomorrow. My favorite is the Demonsouled. IMHO more (and more detailed) characters, more realistic (if Fantasy can be realistic) consistency in plot lines. This reader became more involved with the characters in that series (as opposed to the others). Others were good but I liked Demonsouled the best. Good luck on all your writing. Can’t wait for the next in any series to come out.I remain,a devoted fan

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