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  1. I think the problem with your anyiasls is that it is taking a conception of the market’ that is two broad in scope. Capitalism is working exactly as advertised, you just don’t like the result. I think there is some common misconception about how this works. In that you’re thinking I have really great taste, but the radio won’t play my favorite musician(s)! If they did then everyone would have a I could have had a V8! moment and take to the streets to buy Mountain Goats CDs.’ Or something like that. That there is music that people would like if they were hearing it. Generally though the mean taste of the American listening public is pretty well set and established. Especially in this day and age, when if you’re even remotely curious about a new recording artist or genre, you’re seconds away from finding out if you like it.Your anyiasls is that the concept of the best’ only works in terms of a given category of something, and then it’s actually working really well. Like, tweens want to hear boy bands and syurpy pop music, so there is tremendous competition within that market to make the best syurpy pop music and get some of that tween moneh. Trying to define the best music out of all music is too broad, subjectivity basically negates your starting point.So really, The Black Eyed Peas are the best. They are the best souless dance-rap group that white people like. Those four Zeppelin songs are the best four they’ve ever recorded, as judged by a market of unimaginative white guys that like hard rock.’

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