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  1. Ok got you, about the private vdeios.Your ramblings are cool I think your boy was a little too wild, ’cause even you were telling him to focus lol.Anyway, that aside I’ll be looking forward to your new vdeios.BTW I fully agree with your approach. Getting numbers is a joke. It’s a last ditch effort or a formality after you’ve hooked up with the girl. You have a much better chance of succeeding if you push the interaction as far as possibleright then and there when the fire is hot.One last thing ever see girls you know you should approach and you keep vacillating in your mind whether or not to, and the next thing you know she’s gone?Sometimes that happens to me, and other times I’ll blurt anything out, just to get something going. Anything you do that kinda kicks yourself in the ass to open up your mouth?Thanks for responding.

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