1. It’s not a bogus law at all. It mirrors the federal law (which actually allows for racial profiling) which the government is complacently not following. That’s why Arizona passed that law. It wouldn’t be a problem if the government did their actual job instead of handing out money for the last decade and half. This is a matter of facts and figures and it’s be stifled by self congratulatory feel-good emotional rhetoric. It’s up to you if you want to follow national media’s dialogue on this, but they’re fucking wrong as shit on this and on most things.

  2. I guess I will boycott your show in Cleveland. Even if I enjoy an artist’s music, I lose respect for them if they are adopt the sheep mentality political views. If you had investigated the law, you would know that it has protections against racial profiling and only give the police the power to check citizenship if their is a legitimate police action. The people of Arizona are being invaded by human traffickers and drug smugglers armed with AK47s. and you think you are doing something good by boycotting the people of that downtrodden state?
    You would be smarter to boycott the whole USA because it is the FEDERAL government who has refused to do its job and repair this problem. The traffickers have “rape trees” where they rape women under and attach their undergarments to the tree as a memorial of their act. Boycotting the good people of Arizona will not help these women, the police that are outgunned or anyone else. If anything, it will just encourage the Federal government to continue to do Nothing about the problem. I hope that the next time any of us attache ourselves to a cause, that we all will investigate the issue and not just parrot the lame stream media. Having said that, boycotting your show will do nothing either, so we will see you in Cleveland.

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