Electric Six to Release Zodiac

ZodiacWith their Rent is Too Damn High tour less than two weeks out, Electric Six has announced the release of their seventh studio album, Zodiac.

According to frontman Dick Valentine, “Zodiac is perhaps our most collaborative, most unique and most fun record, we also had nothing to do with it. You heard me. The experience of making a record called Zodiac has opened our eyes to how REAL all this shit is. The record was already made. All Electric Six did was not stand in the way.”

You heard it hear folks, this shit just got real.

The new record, which you can currently preview on MySpace, will drop September 28 on Metropolis.


1. After Hours
2.American Cheese
4. Countdown to the Countdown
5. Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom
6. Jam It In The Hole
7.I Am A Song!
8. It Ain’t Punk Rock
9. Love Song For Myself
10. The Rubberband Man
11. Table and Chairs
12. Talking Turkey

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