Diplo, Mayer Hawthorne in Snoop Dogg’s Alice in Wonderland Movie

Malice N Wonderland Forget Tim Burton. If we’re going to talk Alice in Wonderland adaptations, look no further than the latest project to come out of Snoop Dogg’s camp. The iconic rapper and producer released Malice N Wonderland in 2009, and now he’s readying a deluxe version of the highly conceptual album that comes complete with a mini-movie.

More Malice: Deluxe Album & Movie is the official title of the new release, which is out March 23. The package will include all songs from the original album, in addition to seven new ones and a movie starring Mayer Hawthorne, Xzibit, Denyce Lawton, DJ Quik, and others.

From what the behind-the-scenes clip below indicates, the movie is about a “gangster superhero in a messed up time” who shoots light beams from his hand and rolls around in a sweet convertible. We’re not sure how true to the classic Carroll tale the movie stays, but it doesn’t matter, because any flick with Jamie Foxx as the Cheshire Cat, Diplo as a waiter, and epic dance sequences blows all the other gratuitously CGI-enhanced adaptations out of the water, in my opinion.

Check out this clip, which features behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from director Erick Peyton:

The Making Of Snoop Dogg’s Malice N Wonderland The Movie

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